WWE Friday Night Smackdowns
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WWE Friday Night Smackdowns

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Watch SmackDown Online is a WWE sports entertainment television program that airs live on Fridays on the American channel FOX. Here you will find all the news, videos, rumors and live coverage.

SmackDown is a television show produced by WWE and broadcast on the FOX channel . The show is the second most important program within WWE, only behind WWE RAW. The show is broadcast live every Friday and is held every week in a different city in the United States. Sometimes the show is broadcast on a delayed basis from England as part of WWE tours of Europe. SD! It began its broadcasts in 1999 on the UPN television network and since then it has been broadcast continuously, only surpassed by WWE RAW on television. SD! has taken a leap in quality with its arrival on the FOX television network. In its first broadcast, it managed to surpass Monday Night RAW in audience, becoming the most watched fight program of the week. After the WWE Draft 2019 the stars of WWE SD! they became exclusive to the blue show, not being able to appear on RAW.

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